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Hello world!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Welcome to Done Right, our blog and home on the web. After six months of planning and preparation, it is with pride and joy I write these first words of many to come.

During this time, I’ve been asked many times what Done Right is all about. I usually spend quite a while answering the question, and have yet to come up with a short still satisfying answer.

In essence: We are setting out to prove that production can actually be something that benefits everyone – we can make great products, educate, inspire, fight poverty – all in harmony with nature.

And we are going to have fun doing it!

To our aid, we have a solid set of values, a great many plans, ideas, experiences and assets, not to mention you guys – we will need the help of many to make this dream come true!

Over the coming days, I’ll be clarifying different aspects of our plans, ideas and strategies, but first there are some urgent matters to attend to – a few days from now, I’m getting on a plane to join Samuel in Cambodia, where our adventure begins for real.

Stay tuned.

- T