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Start of the 15/16 season,

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

We’re back, and we’re getting ready for our next season, cleaning and fixing things up for another great year!

We’ll see a series of great improvements to bungalows, rooms, showers and bathrooms on the construction side of things, and at the moment we’re trying a new tasting menu that should make everyones tastebuds jump!

If you want to stay with us, simply come by as we have plenty of rooms or book us at!

How to book?

Friday, April 17th, 2015

We frequently get the question on how to book a room at our place, and usually our answer is simple, just drop by! However, if you can’t do that, you can now book us over HostelWorld as well, on the link below, Happy Khmer New Year!


Friday, January 23rd, 2015


Preparing for High Season

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

We’ve been quite busy over rainy season, and we’ve made a series of improvements to our place, first of we’ve changed our old wooden water tower into a new fancy cement one, with three new staff rooms, which also gives us better water pressure..

We’ve donated another computer to a local project called painting smiles, which teaches kids english in the local Otres village, and we are supporting Kem from Sunshine Café to raise cash for the village to get uniforms and football shoes to the local kids..

On a separate note, Sam has bought another piece of land, and he’s building a series of new buildings, using new building techniques, and most importantly, The first Earthship in Cambodia is going up, starting in early January, exiting times indeed!

- Sam

Constructions and Computers for Schools

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

As the season moves to its end, we have completed our premise by building a new 8 x 6 meter gym, with complete weight systems and benches, we also got a boxing bag and a series of Yoga mats, and the plan is to have a resident yoga teacher next year. Another reason why we built it, as you may have noticed the floor and the mirror wall, is to create a creative space for dancing, juggling (no trusses in the roof, so we’ve got a 6 meter roof hight at the top) and poi/staff spinning in general. This completes the large buildings on our plot, and except for a new water tower with solar hot water thats going up in the beginning of next year, we believe this to be the last major buildings, but hey, we might be hit by lightning, and build a few more, who knows :).

Gym 1

Secondly, we’ve been working on a Rocket Stove Pizza Oven (Obviously named Trogdor) Which we planned for about 4 months, and its finally ready! A rocket stove works a bit different from a regular wood fired stove. The fuel (branches and small wood) goes in to the bottom, where it is sucked up through a insulated chimney construction (insulated with a mix of perlite and a slight amount of cement to hold it together.) where the gas/smoke from the oven gets superheated, and combusts, creating a controlled chimney burn, which increases the heat development in the oven five fold. It also means we also use a fifth of the fire wood, and get a almost smokeless burn, and we reach 200° Celsius in the oven in about 20 minutes (we think we’re at about 450° Celsius in an hour and a half, but the thermometer died after 230° Celsius). We use this to make pizza, pie and lasagna (a 14 people lasagna in 20 minutes compared an hour in our gas oven).

Oven 1

Oven 2

Third but certainly not last, we have successfully started our computers to schools project! We are super exited about this, mostly because its one of those wonderful projects that pay for themselves, and build on generosity of people back home. So this is how it works. People or companies in the western world change laptops every 18 to 36 months, and those laptops are then considered pretty much worthless, and go to the dump. We do not agree on this waste, so machines are refurbished with clean drives and operative systems, and then shipped to us in Cambodia, and then we sell a couple of them, to pay for shipping, and the rest go to rural schools, where the kids get to benefit from learning how to use computers, and more importantly, the internet and its massive amount of knowledge. We are looking for more people to donate! We have so far managed to supply two local Schools here in Sihanoukville!

School 1

School 2


Expansion and knowledge

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

We’ve not written much on our blog this season, which i apologise for, but that does by no means mean that we haven’t been up to things, So many things that its keep us from keeping you guys in the look actually!

We began our season by expanding our room numbers, by adding two new Geodomes, two 3 people rooms and one 8 people dorm, which pushes our heads on pillows count to 50! After the successful re-design of our new geo’s, we decided to remake all the old ones, which in this case means lifting the roofs, turning the top window into an umbrella, which causes the air to jet through the windows and door, and exit through the roof, and as the walls get hotter, the more air goes through them, which has been quite a lift to the geo’s on hot summer days.



We are also working on a litre project of ours, which is a pizza and bread oven, but not just any oven, but a rocket stove oven! The principle is that you insulate the stove, or the burning pipe if you wish, which in turn gets the fire and air inside so hot, that it eventually combusts, creating a very clean-burning gas, which in turn heats up whatever you have in your oven, and this it does using about 15-20% of the amount of firewood used in a regular wood fired stove.


Right now though, business as usual on the beach, but one of us has been sent to the Earthship Biotecture Academy, where he is learning more about building eartships and the systems that make them wonderful sustainable buildings! We hope we’ll be able to incorporate even more knowledge from them into our buildings, and maybe even build a few earthsihps of our own, with all the systems designed into them!

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 3.31.44 PM

With love,

Bikes and bathrooms

Monday, September 10th, 2012

One of the projects we had this rainy season (Codenamed surfing season as we have great surf on Otres between July and October) Was getting the local village bathrooms, and we finally got some photos to show that they have been finished and installed at the village, we hope that this together with the water cleaning systems we got them will help to increase the general health and quality of life for the villagers. As far as we know, they are going to get some kind of land for their troubles, but more on this as it happens.



I also managed to finnish a movie that was shot on our dirt bike adventures, and we will have a similar ride for charity starting on the 10th of february 2013. join us if you wish!

Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 12.03.00 PM


Our monies where our mouth is..

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

//Below is a guest post from our two managers during rainy season, lovely Chuckie and lovely Mark, who have spent the last couple of months working on our fresh water campaign, Thanks everyone who helped make this reality! One great thing about this is that we managed to rally great support from a number of other guesthouses on the beach (Moonlight Rock, Wish you where here, Blame Canada, Sunshine Cafe etc.) and together with our friends, we managed to make real difference for real people, with no shortcuts.

During this rainy season we have also had the pleasure to help the NGO to have a great time, and a great week at our guesthouse, charging cost for the event.

Sam. //

There are millions of people in the world that need help, but here at Done Right we believe in helping who you can, when you can. Giving back to the community in which we live is something at the heart of our business.

This time we wanted to help our local village get clean drinking water.

It’s something we all take advantage of, not having to drink water riddled with dirt and bacteria. Not having to worry with every cup, if you’re going to get typhoid or another potentially deadly disease.

Sam had found some systems, manufactured in Cambodia, which would filter 1-3 litres of water an hour, using ceramic filtration. These systems require no electricity or chemicals and are easy to maintain and move, if necessary.

They cost a mere $15. That’s £10 or about 12 Euros. The same amount of money we, the more privileged, may spend on a cocktail or a pub lunch. Just that amount would give a family clean drinking water.

If we raised $1,125 we could buy each family a water system.

And we did it! Within one week, thanks to the immense generosity of our friends and family, we raised the cash. A couple of weeks later and the systems were on order.

Then, last week, we had the pleasure of handing them out to all of the families.

Now, the photos I took don’t really convey how happy and grateful they were. I’m not sure why but as soon as I got out the camera, their faces went all serious! So you’ll have to take my word for it, they were thrilled.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. As ever, we really appreciate your help and will be sure to keep you up to date on any future projects.

The Done Right Crew





Preparations and Projects

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

As the dry season draws to its end, the rainy season comes closer and closer, and with it the preparations that it entails. We’ve been working on a number of things recently, roofs, blinds to cover us from rain, drains, fixing cement foundations, making gutters and coating wood bits with coats of clear lacquer. As I return to Europe in about ten days, I do so leaving my trusty staff in charge, including Mark and Chuckie, whom will serve our customers for a few months, as we will stay open.

We have a few cool things in store for rainy season (whom one of our friends has niftily renamed surfing season). One of these is a visit from the NGO Tiny Toones, who are visiting us for a week in early June. They are especially working with street kids in Phnom Penh using hip hop and brake dance as a way to educate their members. for more info visit

Our Project on suppling the local village with bathrooms is almost finished, and the wagon that we build will be moved to its proper location in about a week, and we hope the villagers will make good use of it!

As the above project draws to an end, we have just started on our next project, to provide the village with drinking water, which is obvious to us, but not so obvious for them. We will do so by investing in a water purifier per family, which will produce 1-3 liters of drinking water per hour, We estimate that we need about 675 dollars to make this come through, and our project manager Sulin will be gathering funds for this. If you want to contribute, please drop by Done Right or Blame Canada for more info! Also, check out the water purifier here

Donate here:

On another note, we are now available for bookings on, and we will start the preparation of another four Geodomes, so that we can serve more customers next season.


Fund Raising

Friday, March 16th, 2012

So, as always when a lot of things happen at the same time, you tend to forget to tell other people about what you’re up to, which is unfortunate, especially if you’re running a fund raiser.

We (Done Right and Felicia) started a fund raiser for the village that leads up to Otres village because of their story (In short they had a village, and a rightful claim to the land, but the government decided to burn their village down and shoot a few and imprison more of them, after which they continued to sell the land the just grabbed and sell it to the highest bidder. The village was promised new land, but this was also sold to the highest bidder, and the village never saw any land, or coin for their troubles).

The village

The plan of the fund raiser was to continue the work that one of our friends (Ida) started as she got the people a generator, power cables and lights, which was a good first step. The second step is now to get them bathroom facilities, and we managed to get 1209.725 dollars raised towards that by inviting local business owners and guests to a seminar about the village, and we were astonished how willing complete strangers where to help out!

The government has (after getting wind of the fact that we actually got the money together) has now denied us to build bathrooms, so, not caring about they tell us (they don’t want the road-side village to be or look like a permanent village) we are now building a complete set of bathrooms, connected to a biogas digester, on wheels! that way we can move it around, and when (not if) the village gets sacked again, we can move it along with them! We believe that bathrooms will help the people of the village to be healthier as it reduces the risk of illness and parasites to spread.

We will ask around, and hopefully one of the NGO’s can help us wit the welding bit of the under carriage, as we already have great carpenters and bricklayers in the village.

More on this in our next blog post.

On a side note, we are developing another version of the bamboo dome, this time making it smaller and using splintered bamboo, which will hopeful create a easier and more manageable little hut!


Sam (with friends).