Constructions and Computers for Schools

As the season moves to its end, we have completed our premise by building a new 8 x 6 meter gym, with complete weight systems and benches, we also got a boxing bag and a series of Yoga mats, and the plan is to have a resident yoga teacher next year. Another reason why we built it, as you may have noticed the floor and the mirror wall, is to create a creative space for dancing, juggling (no trusses in the roof, so we’ve got a 6 meter roof hight at the top) and poi/staff spinning in general. This completes the large buildings on our plot, and except for a new water tower with solar hot water thats going up in the beginning of next year, we believe this to be the last major buildings, but hey, we might be hit by lightning, and build a few more, who knows :).

Gym 1

Secondly, we’ve been working on a Rocket Stove Pizza Oven (Obviously named Trogdor) Which we planned for about 4 months, and its finally ready! A rocket stove works a bit different from a regular wood fired stove. The fuel (branches and small wood) goes in to the bottom, where it is sucked up through a insulated chimney construction (insulated with a mix of perlite and a slight amount of cement to hold it together.) where the gas/smoke from the oven gets superheated, and combusts, creating a controlled chimney burn, which increases the heat development in the oven five fold. It also means we also use a fifth of the fire wood, and get a almost smokeless burn, and we reach 200° Celsius in the oven in about 20 minutes (we think we’re at about 450° Celsius in an hour and a half, but the thermometer died after 230° Celsius). We use this to make pizza, pie and lasagna (a 14 people lasagna in 20 minutes compared an hour in our gas oven).

Oven 1

Oven 2

Third but certainly not last, we have successfully started our computers to schools project! We are super exited about this, mostly because its one of those wonderful projects that pay for themselves, and build on generosity of people back home. So this is how it works. People or companies in the western world change laptops every 18 to 36 months, and those laptops are then considered pretty much worthless, and go to the dump. We do not agree on this waste, so machines are refurbished with clean drives and operative systems, and then shipped to us in Cambodia, and then we sell a couple of them, to pay for shipping, and the rest go to rural schools, where the kids get to benefit from learning how to use computers, and more importantly, the internet and its massive amount of knowledge. We are looking for more people to donate! We have so far managed to supply two local Schools here in Sihanoukville!

School 1

School 2


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