Expansion and knowledge

We’ve not written much on our blog this season, which i apologise for, but that does by no means mean that we haven’t been up to things, So many things that its keep us from keeping you guys in the look actually!

We began our season by expanding our room numbers, by adding two new Geodomes, two 3 people rooms and one 8 people dorm, which pushes our heads on pillows count to 50! After the successful re-design of our new geo’s, we decided to remake all the old ones, which in this case means lifting the roofs, turning the top window into an umbrella, which causes the air to jet through the windows and door, and exit through the roof, and as the walls get hotter, the more air goes through them, which has been quite a lift to the geo’s on hot summer days.



We are also working on a litre project of ours, which is a pizza and bread oven, but not just any oven, but a rocket stove oven! The principle is that you insulate the stove, or the burning pipe if you wish, which in turn gets the fire and air inside so hot, that it eventually combusts, creating a very clean-burning gas, which in turn heats up whatever you have in your oven, and this it does using about 15-20% of the amount of firewood used in a regular wood fired stove.


Right now though, business as usual on the beach, but one of us has been sent to the Earthship Biotecture Academy, where he is learning more about building eartships and the systems that make them wonderful sustainable buildings! We hope we’ll be able to incorporate even more knowledge from them into our buildings, and maybe even build a few earthsihps of our own, with all the systems designed into them!

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