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//Below is a guest post from our two managers during rainy season, lovely Chuckie and lovely Mark, who have spent the last couple of months working on our fresh water campaign, Thanks everyone who helped make this reality! One great thing about this is that we managed to rally great support from a number of other guesthouses on the beach (Moonlight Rock, Wish you where here, Blame Canada, Sunshine Cafe etc.) and together with our friends, we managed to make real difference for real people, with no shortcuts.

During this rainy season we have also had the pleasure to help the NGO www.tinytoones.org/ to have a great time, and a great week at our guesthouse, charging cost for the event.

Sam. //

There are millions of people in the world that need help, but here at Done Right we believe in helping who you can, when you can. Giving back to the community in which we live is something at the heart of our business.

This time we wanted to help our local village get clean drinking water.

It’s something we all take advantage of, not having to drink water riddled with dirt and bacteria. Not having to worry with every cup, if you’re going to get typhoid or another potentially deadly disease.

Sam had found some systems, manufactured in Cambodia, which would filter 1-3 litres of water an hour, using ceramic filtration. These systems require no electricity or chemicals and are easy to maintain and move, if necessary.

They cost a mere $15. That’s £10 or about 12 Euros. The same amount of money we, the more privileged, may spend on a cocktail or a pub lunch. Just that amount would give a family clean drinking water.

If we raised $1,125 we could buy each family a water system.

And we did it! Within one week, thanks to the immense generosity of our friends and family, we raised the cash. A couple of weeks later and the systems were on order.

Then, last week, we had the pleasure of handing them out to all of the families.

Now, the photos I took don’t really convey how happy and grateful they were. I’m not sure why but as soon as I got out the camera, their faces went all serious! So you’ll have to take my word for it, they were thrilled.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. As ever, we really appreciate your help and will be sure to keep you up to date on any future projects.

The Done Right Crew





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