Preparations and Projects

As the dry season draws to its end, the rainy season comes closer and closer, and with it the preparations that it entails. We’ve been working on a number of things recently, roofs, blinds to cover us from rain, drains, fixing cement foundations, making gutters and coating wood bits with coats of clear lacquer. As I return to Europe in about ten days, I do so leaving my trusty staff in charge, including Mark and Chuckie, whom will serve our customers for a few months, as we will stay open.

We have a few cool things in store for rainy season (whom one of our friends has niftily renamed surfing season). One of these is a visit from the NGO Tiny Toones, who are visiting us for a week in early June. They are especially working with street kids in Phnom Penh using hip hop and brake dance as a way to educate their members. for more info visit

Our Project on suppling the local village with bathrooms is almost finished, and the wagon that we build will be moved to its proper location in about a week, and we hope the villagers will make good use of it!

As the above project draws to an end, we have just started on our next project, to provide the village with drinking water, which is obvious to us, but not so obvious for them. We will do so by investing in a water purifier per family, which will produce 1-3 liters of drinking water per hour, We estimate that we need about 675 dollars to make this come through, and our project manager Sulin will be gathering funds for this. If you want to contribute, please drop by Done Right or Blame Canada for more info! Also, check out the water purifier here

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On another note, we are now available for bookings on, and we will start the preparation of another four Geodomes, so that we can serve more customers next season.


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