Fund Raising

So, as always when a lot of things happen at the same time, you tend to forget to tell other people about what you’re up to, which is unfortunate, especially if you’re running a fund raiser.

We (Done Right and Felicia) started a fund raiser for the village that leads up to Otres village because of their story (In short they had a village, and a rightful claim to the land, but the government decided to burn their village down and shoot a few and imprison more of them, after which they continued to sell the land the just grabbed and sell it to the highest bidder. The village was promised new land, but this was also sold to the highest bidder, and the village never saw any land, or coin for their troubles).

The village

The plan of the fund raiser was to continue the work that one of our friends (Ida) started as she got the people a generator, power cables and lights, which was a good first step. The second step is now to get them bathroom facilities, and we managed to get 1209.725 dollars raised towards that by inviting local business owners and guests to a seminar about the village, and we were astonished how willing complete strangers where to help out!

The government has (after getting wind of the fact that we actually got the money together) has now denied us to build bathrooms, so, not caring about they tell us (they don’t want the road-side village to be or look like a permanent village) we are now building a complete set of bathrooms, connected to a biogas digester, on wheels! that way we can move it around, and when (not if) the village gets sacked again, we can move it along with them! We believe that bathrooms will help the people of the village to be healthier as it reduces the risk of illness and parasites to spread.

We will ask around, and hopefully one of the NGO’s can help us wit the welding bit of the under carriage, as we already have great carpenters and bricklayers in the village.

More on this in our next blog post.

On a side note, we are developing another version of the bamboo dome, this time making it smaller and using splintered bamboo, which will hopeful create a easier and more manageable little hut!


Sam (with friends).

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