Bamboo Domes

This is another guest blogg by our friends Filippa and Hannes, that helped us make a Bamboo dome that was planned to be used as a gateway to our community, but i missed the length calculations by 5 cm, and it turned our much bigger than planned, So right now we are looking to make it a dorm instead.

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A week ago we arrived at Otres Beach, Cambodia. Here we are staying at my friend Samuels guest house “Done Right” ( This week our project was to build a dome in bamboo. We built it from this blueprint

First we made a pentagon that later forms the crown of the dome. You start at the top and work yourself downwards.


Reene binding the rope and Hannes holding the bamboo in place.


To be able to build downwards we had to raise the dome from the ground.


Sometimes we needed help to hold the dome in place.

Half a dome..ish.

Done dome!


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